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Looking to expand your business internationally?

Look no further, we can help.


Internationalisation is the tightrope between scalability and localisation. We help digital companies walk this tightrope when launching new markets. Whether you are expanding for the first time or already managing multiple markets, Expandise ensures you get it right.

Our Services

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Market Preparation

Deciding where to expand takes more than throwing a dart at a map. We focus on key factors, analyse  data, and set you up for success. 

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We are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We work by your side to project manage your roll-outs and ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Market Management

Expansion requires  internal change and can be chaotic. We help you implement the structures and processes needed  to make it work.


underpins everything we do

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Our Services
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Why Choose Us

We get to know you: We don't come in, give a presentation and leave again. We work to understand your business to make sure our recommendations are the right ones.

We are Hands-on:  See above, but add the fact we implement the recommendations and make sure they are running smoothly when you take the reins.

We are people-focused: Our priority is making sure you and your team are happy. But you also deserve honesty, so sometimes we have to give you some tough love. It's because we care.

We know our stuff:  Our team has operated in over 50 countries and managed country launches in 4 continents. We have a system and it works. 

We've worked with some

great companies

"idealo's success in France, is IMHO largely due to their contributions and market knowledge. I can highly recommend Expandise in particular when going international with a digital product / service even before you take your first steps. They will help you navigate the journey and avoiding expensive and painful mistakes."

Dirk Bartels
Director of Product
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Contact Us

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If we can't help you, we will be happy to point you in the direction of someone who can!

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