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About Us

We want awesome companies to
succeed internationally. 

That's our goal, plain and simple. We help tech startups and scaleups to enter new markets both strategically and operationally, leading to fast and sustainable growth. 

We are passionate about helping companies to understand other countries; their customers and their cultures, and using that knowledge to help them grow. Guiding organisations on the delicate balance between scalability and local adaptation is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and what gets you results.


Team Meeting
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Nina Ann Walters
Managing Director

Nina is the founder and Managing Director of Expandise. She spent many years planning and managing expansions in-house and freelance for several companies in Europe and Asia before deciding she wanted to create her own company.

Expandise was built around the spirit of value-driven excellence, integrity and authenticity, aiming to offer empowerment and support to startups wanting to internationalise. Nina completed her studies at  Cambridge and received her MBA from ESMT Berlin. Currently she is writing her Ph.D. thesis on internationalisation.

Team & Partners

Our team at Expandise is centered around local offices in Berlin & London, working with clients globally.

We care about having all the help our clients may need at hand, which is why we have built a large network of global partners, including tax experts, lawyers, trademark experts, HR services, and many more. Connecting you to the right resources is part of our service spectrum.

Operating globally, we have built a team expertise that covers 50+ markets and 10+ years of experience, centered around - but not limited to - Europe and Asia. We love to share this experience with you to set you up for success in a sustainable expansion process.

We are here to grow your business with you - not just your revenue!





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